Cigar City Pressure Shader 5


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This Machine was designed to reduce skin damage. Many years in the making, all aspects of the machine were considered and experimented with to deduce machine functions and their relation to skin damage. A working theory was developed,  and then pushed to the limit. The result : the "pressure shader." A name given due to the way in which this tuning technique applies pigment. Hover and apply light pressure for an "airbrushing feel" or apply heavier pressure for solid saturation. Perfect for color work or BnG.

*Best suited for 5-13 mags
*Runs unloaded at 100 cps
*Operates between 11-14 Volts (without heat)
*Extremely hard hit with a very light withdrawal for more efficiency and less skin damage
*built one at a time 
*Thoroughly broken in and skin tested (machines spend an average of one - two weeks skin testing and fine tuning)
*Entire machine backed for life
*Powdercoated steel 3d printed frames
*split vice tube clamp for ease and comfort with any size tube 
*ALL parts made by John Raymond (Alchemy Alloys) and Kurtis Todd
*fully annealed iron cores and yokes
*Ideal for building up multiple layers of pigment
*Create an entire BnG tattoo with just black ink (no need for greywash)
*built by a tattooer for tattooers.