Alumilite RCA adapter (lightweight)


The Alumilite adapter makes for easy use of traditional clip in machines. If your predominantly using RCA this is a must have for ease of access to any machine in your case or your friends,:-)..

The same great performance as the alumilite clip cord.  Lightweight adapter for linear movement and less fatigue.

This cord has been refined and developed for over 7 years. Bringing you the best overall power cord we can. This cord provides copper alloy connection from end to end in the effort to provide uninterrupted current.

  • 8" length (Or option for drag free 4' foot length)
  • Quality female RCA plug
  • High tension universal copper alloy spring loaded clip
  • Low weight construction for ease of movement and less fatigue
  • Backed by a lifetime craftsmanship warranty
  • Smooth looking and easy to clean

If this cord should fail at anytime contact send it back. AAT

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