AAT Eclipse 3D (Stainless Steel)

$350.00 $325.00

The AAT Eclipse 

Designed in cooperation with Cigar City's Kurtis Todd. The Eclipse is made of a lightweight stainless steel/Bronze 3D printed filament. The geometry on this one of a kind design is dialed in for daily abuse. A must have wepon of choice for busy shop tattooers. Built your way to order and made to last!

Contact AAT to request your custom built Eclipse. Backed for Life.

  • Advance frame technology
  • One of a kind
  • Versatile frame geometry
  • Alchemy powered
  • Tuned to suit
  • Lifetime craftsmanship service

A collaboration of builders forethought brought to life . Thanks to Kurtis Todd of Cigar city coils for bringing this concept to real world. If you like the looks of the Eclipse you'll be happy to know your purchase of this one of a kind tattoo machine design is backed by the best craftsmanship/ service we can possibly provide. Fun and performance come hand and hand with your new machine. Contact Here  to make your pre-order details. But builds are limited. Now,kick back and wait for your dream machine to be brought to life in the Alchemy labs.